All-In-One Salad Chef Set


Make the perfect salad with the Le Morgan ALL IN 1 Salad Chef Set.

  • Wash, spin and dry lettuce, fruits and vegetables with ease
  • Use the built-in Mandoline with our interchangeable blades to chop, cut or slice in every style
  • Non-skid base
  • Soft grip handle


Le Morgan All in 1 Salad Chef Set

Set Comprises of:

1 x  Built in Mandoline

1 x   4.7 Litre Bowl

1 x  Vegetable Chopper Attachment

1 x  Finger Guard

1 x  Large Chopper

1 x  Small Chopper

1 x  Fine Julienne Slicer

1 x  Coarse Julienne Slicer

1 x  Fine Grater

1 x  Slicing Blade

1 x  Regular Grater